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Why Some With Fibro Live Normal Lives

Why Some People With Fibromyalgia Seem To Live Normal Lives & The Three Things They Share In Common.

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“There is a realm in which miracles are possible and do take place. The door to this realm is the belief in all possibilities and YOU are the key.” 
― Vivian AmisThe Essentials of Life

Struggling with wide-spread chronic pain & fatigue?

Are your moods and hormones all over the place?

Frustrated with not being able to think straight or hold a coherent conversation?

Tired of missing out on outings with friends & family?

Told to lose weight & move more to feel better, but your eating is out of control?

Want REAL solutions and get back to the people & activities you love?


Integrate neuroscience to help balance key areas of your life and prioritize you.


Cultivate a model of self-care that fosters rest, relaxation & joy while minimizing stress.



Stop yo-yo diets, strict rules, deprivation – know what fuels you; emotionally & physically.

Lab Testing


Leverage functional labs to uncover H.I.D.D.E.N. stressors & identify healing opportunities.


Forget intense exercise, think active mobility, flexibility and balance.

Natural Solutions


Side-step side-effects with targeted natural supplementation for relief & corrective care.

It’s a Myth

I don’t know if you can be cured of fibromyalgia, but it’s a myth that you can’t do anything to get your life back.


You don’t have to live with chronic pain, insomnia, digestive distress, brain fog and roller-coaster mood swings.


And building up your health and relieving symptoms doesn’t have to turn your life upside-down or cause you to become more overwhelmed and frustrated.


There’s a simple system you can used that’s based on self-care model that supports you both physically and emotionally.


This system ends emotional eating, so you can focus on enjoying nutritious foods that relieve symptoms, build energy and improve your health; physically and emotionally.


You discover how to leverage your mind and how it works with your physiology to be more in-tune with what you need and what you desire to relieve stress and experience faster results.


In as little as 3 – 6 months you can experience significant relief.


And in as little as a few weeks, your life can change.  You can stopped being defined by fibromyalgia, and start focusing on what really matters to you.


Functional health care and nutrition addresses individuals as a whole and doesn't stop at relieving symptoms.  By using strategic nutritional strategies to really nourish your body and state-of-the-art functional lab testing you can uncover the underlying causes for the symptoms you are experiencing, and foster an environment for true healing.

Symptoms are a warning that something is wrong.  They are not the malfunction.  If your low oil light comes on while driving, do you take out the bulb and drive on?  No, you know that your car needs oil and when you dig a little deeper you find the leak.

When you experience a symptom, think it like the warning light.  You have to dig deeper.  If you don't, and instead approach your health complaints by taking pain killers to mask pain or take thyroid to lose weight and stop hair loss, you are missing an opportunity to heal.  And if healing is avoided for too long, more symptoms arise and eventually you find yourself in a disease-state.

The good news is, your body is awesome at healing.  It was designed to just that.  In fact, it's constantly healing, repairing and renewing itself.  As long as you support it and it's not bogged down by more stress than it can handle, it will do the job.

What kind of stress should you be worried about?  Chronic external and internal stress.  In most cases, you probably already know what's got you stressed externally.  But did you know that food sensitivities, gut infections, inflammation, hormone imbalances, heavy metals and more could be the root of your internal stress?

If you're ready to stop chasing symptoms and experience REAL relief, click here to review options and find a solution that will work for you.



Do-it-Yourself Independent study with email support


Hybrid DIY/Group programs with conference calls and community support.


Functional lab testing, interpretation and protocol development based on clinical observations and correlation.


One-on-One coaching individualized for your specific needs.


Rita ZJustine is utterly amazing, brilliant, and level headed. She provided me valuable information on health and nutrition that would’ve taken me hours to research. She’s a great listener, accountability partner, and coach. I can’t say quotesGreenRightenough about her. I highly recommend her for all of your health and coaching needs.


susan_feb2015“Who needs a health coach?” After the first couple of sessions with Justine Cécile, I admitted, “I do.” Having eaten healthy foods most of my life, the remaining puzzle was “Why do I still have so much indigestion?”

Justine looks at nutrition from many angles: what we eat, how it’s grown, and what we’re doing and feeling when we eat. At first keeping notes on all that sounded like a lot of work. Yet this very-knowledgeable woman’s manner is motivating because she’s organized, informative, attentive, and patient. She imparts new thinking about what’s good for getting and staying as healthy as possible, no matter at what age. I would have given up facing some food issues were it not for her.

Justine spotlighted how I eat to keep me from being smug about and/or distracted by my favorite food choices. When I use her recommendations, I see results. When I cut corners, she is non-judgmental but steers me back on track. Justine does this work because she loves it and wants to see others living healthy lives. Give her at least three sessions to start with; I bet you’ll be glad you quotesOrangeRightexpanded your thinking about eating.

Susan D., age 77, Soquel, CA



Before I started working with Justine, I found myself stuck. I had always been active and considered myself to be relatively healthy, but I didn’t feel healthy. When I started working with Justine, my top three goals were to start losing the weight I had gained when I quit smoking, get healthier, and increase my overall level of energy. I had never done a cleanse or juiced before. Justine was there every step of the way.

Her programs not only jump-started my weight loss (I have lost over 30 lbs since then), they taught me how to eat healthier – in particular how to choose the right combination of foods. I also fell in love with juicing! It gave me so much energy – I just felt great. She had a slew of tasty and creative recipes. Justine did an amazing job of re-framing the world of food for me. She taught me about what essential nutrients our bodies need and how our bodies absorb those nutrients.

Justine is passionate about being a Health Coach and you can feel it and see it in her. She is knowledgeable, intuitive, dedicated, and genuine. I am stronger, leaner, more energized as a direct result of her guidance. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to make real changes in their life or quotesOrangeRightthinks they could use an extra hand on their path towards a healthier existence.