You're energy and moods are taking you on a roller coaster ride?


You're only coping mechanism is food, and you can't stop gaining weight?


Frustrated you can't think straight or hold a coherent conversation?


Miss being active and don't recognize you who are anymore?


Angry & frustrated with doctors who can't provide you with a REAL solution?



Can't work…?

Chronic pain…?

Weight & Fitness issues…?

Brain fog & Mental dysfunction…?

No need for shyness, I’ve been there. I know how it is to struggle keeping it all together trying to cope and barely managing day-to-day.

I know how debilitating chronic pain conditions are, I’ve lived with Fibromyalgia for decades.  Life is not always easy! And if you have chronic pain, fatigue, moodiness or Irritable Bowel Syndrome!  Where do you start to feel like yourself again?

It starts by looking deeper, finding the malfunctions and focus on identified healing opportunities by getting back to Essentials and integrating them in a balanced way that fits your life.

Integrating Essentials is all about you.  You won’t escape symptoms and a downward spiral of disease by following fad diets and popping pills.  It’s about taking a good hard look into your external and internal H.I.D.D.E.N. (hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy building and nervous system) stressors and correcting them, in a whole and integrated way.

Does this sound like you?

  • The more you try to get up and be functional – the more exhausted you are?
  • Tired of missing out & feeling guilty because you canceled another outing with friends & family?
  • The more you try to explain what going on, the isolated you are?
  • The more you follow recommendations, the more hopeless you feel?
  • Feel like you're caught in a cycle of Trial & Error and you're all alone on this journey?


In order to understand what’s causing the inflammation and malfunction that is manifesting into your symptoms, we need to dig deep and search out underlying causes.

Underlying causes are factors that cause stress on your body and after long-term exposure, inflammation and exhaustion set in which results in core dysfunctions and over time disease.  Symptoms are like warning lights, letting you know something is wrong.  But they don't show up right away, first it's the malfunction then the dysfunction, then symptoms and disease.

What kind of causes or factors are we looking for?  I bet you can list off a bunch of external factors; relationship stress, unable to work, etc.  Where I come in as a functional health practitioner is uncovering your internal stressors, most you probably aren’t aware of.

These can include:

  1. Poor diet
  2. Parasites, fungus, yeast, bacteria and other infections
  3. Heavy metals such as mercury fillings
  4. Food Sensitivities (even healthy foods can be stressful on your unique system)
  5. Low stomach acid
  6. Under or over exercising
  7. Prescription medication
  8. Not getting enough rest
  9. Physical, mental, or emotional stress
  10. Environmental toxin exposure

And more…

Even things such as having toxic thoughts, being in a poor relationship, or being in a career that you hate can all contribute to a lowered quality of life…

You may even go as far to say that these factors are the root causes of your fibromyalgia, hormone imbalances and other health challenges.


A functional approach toward your health is aimed at reducing or eliminating the factors that are contributing to your dis-ease (wide-spread pain, mood swings, weight gain, acne, poor digestion, foggy memory, fatigue, etc.). The good news is, you can discover your hidden stressors through functional lab testing.   

Once we discover where the healing opportunities are, you will receive an individualized protocol to follow as a guide toward true healing.

Protocols can include:

  1. Digestive enzymes and HCl to improve digestion
  2. Proper breathing techniques
  3. Dry skin brushing and hot-cold cycles to improve circulation
  4. Removing foods that trigger your inflammation response
  5. Eating real, whole foods
  6. Irradiating pathogen infections
  7. Liver and gallbladder flush programs
  8. Getting in enough and the right movement and rest into your day
  9. Resolving emotional traumas
  10. Targeted supplement recommendations for relief, corrective and maintenance care

And more…

Having someone by your side who has put these things into practice can drastically cut down on your learning curve and the time it takes to experience real relief. I promise, that when you work with me, I will be guide you in the right direction on how to implement all of this into your life in an easy, safe and effective way.


Usually the people who come to me have been to many doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths and osteopaths and have not seen lasting results. In many cases they just get worse, because all they have been doing is chasing symptoms and you know now, that symptoms are just warning lights for something deeper going on.

If this is you, you’re in luck, because this is exactly what happened with me.

I had lived with fibromyalgia and crazy hormones for decades. I went to doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors and saw specialists hoping for help. While I sometimes experienced limited or short-lived relief, I never fully gain control over my fibromyalgia.  I was on my own and though I pushed through and found ways to manage it, I was still in a lot of pain, stoned 24/7 on pain medication and honestly, it was only a matter of time when I would be too exhausted to keep it up.

When I decided to attend the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, I started experimenting with my diet and saw saw dramatic results. I started eating more organic foods and plant foods. I started pairing my foods in a particular way and juicing vegetables and visiting local farmer’s markets. I was able to get off medication.

And yet, I still had to be careful.  Flares ups were still common, though not as intense.  While all the changes I had made were truly life-changing, they didn’t address the underlying hidden stressors I didn’t even know I had…

Then I discovered functional medicine and finally got some real answers.

  • I got food sensitivity testing that showed me I was sensitive to otherwise “healthy” foods.  No wonder why I had chronic gas and bloating.
  • I got hormone testing that showed I had extremely low cortisol and melatonin, not to mention my low sex hormones.  No wonder why I crashed during the day and couldn't sleep at night.
  • I tested for parasites, yeast, candida, bacteria and infections that showed I had two bacterial infections, one is associated with obesity.  No wonder why I couldn't lose weight and suffered with abdominal pain.

If you want to stop guessing about your food choices, whether or not you have candida, and want to get out of the “try something new, feel disappointed, try something new” cycle, follow the instructions below.

1. Stop relying on a special diet alone to fix all your problems.

“I’m strict with my diet. I want to do this naturally. Food is the only medicine I need.” Diet will always help and it is absolutely part of your foundation to health… but it’s not the end all – be all.

2. Stop chasing symptoms.

I know you want relief, and you will.  But if you don't stop chasing symptoms, your pain and discomfort will come back, change or get worse and develop into a bigger problem. I hear things like this all time: “I have symptoms of Candida so I’m switching to the anti-candida diet and doing a 30-day cleanse.” But the truth is: you have no idea what you have without proper testing, in the case of Candida, it's usually a secondary infection.  If you don't address the primary infection, not only with that one grow, the Candida will come back.

3. Meet with me.

If you’re ready to seriously figure this out, apply for a FREE Discovery Session with me now.  If you are ready, willing and committed to finally get those hormones under control and really manage your fibromyalgia, but… you still have questions?  Apply for the appointment.  It's free and that's what it's all about.  It's about answering your questions and deciding whether I am a good for helping you or not and if so, how.

My aim is to find a solution for you, not sell you on another program that won't work, I’m here for you!

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