Autumn Parsnip Soup

During our trip to the UK, my mother and I stayed in a lovely place that served an incredible parsnip soup. It was savory, not overly sweet with an after-taste of honey that was to die for. I have been striving for this ever perfection ever since. I know they likely...

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The Importance of Sleep

“The main facts in human life are five: birth, food, sleep, love and death.” – E.M. Forster It is never high on our list to have less sleep, but rather you probably ask for more time. You may believe less sleep equals more time. However, less sleep doesn’t really give...

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Why the Weight?

Have you ever watched what you ate and regularly exercised just to find yourself putting weight on? It happens to a lot of us. There are many reasons why too, but one could be stress. Recently, I had some lab tests done because I was concerned about how much weight I...

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