Freedom From Fibromyalgia

What is the #1 obstacle people struggling with fibromyalgia face, which prevents them from breaking free from their symptoms and thrive living a full life they dream of?


A fear that you're not good enough.  That you can't understand what to do or are overwhelmed by all the advice.

A fear of getting better, and then falling back to where you are.  Losing your current support system, no matter how little it is.

A fear of feeling more isolated.  A loser because you can't do it.

A fear that it's not possible for you.  Nothing helps and you are stuck.  You don't want to learn that this fear is true.

A fear that if you get well or do better, people will think you were never sick in the first place.

If you have any of these fears, you're not alone.

But here's the thing.

You have been doing the right things, but maybe not the right way.  

And you've been taught to accept what people of authority have told you.  But sometimes, they don't really know how to help you.

They can be limited in time.  If they don't spend time with you, how can they know how to help you?  Your genetics, environment, upbringing, and even the physiological dysfunction you are experiencing is different from everyone else.

There is no cookie-cutter solution for fibromyalgia.

They can be limited in what they can do.  If they are regulated by insurance companies or by the scope of their practice, how can they support you the way you need to be supported?  It takes an integrated approach to get out from under the weight of fibromyalgia.

They may not understand fibromyalgia.  You know how hard it is to explain to others what you are experiencing and even when they shake their head ‘yes, I get it,' you they don't.

If any of this sounds familiar to you – even a little bit – you will stay stuck and continue to struggle unless you decide to make a change on your own.

Imagine yourself carefree, confident and comfortable in your own skin – without the fear.

Welcome to Freedom From Fibromyalgia, a simple system built upon surefire road map that reduces or eliminates symptoms while boosting confidence in yourself and your ability to get your life back, and a community that embraces you and supports your efforts and the freedom to live a full life!

“Freedom From Fibromyalgia” is not a diet plan or exercise program.  It's not about deprivation, strict guidelines and punishing you into submission.

It's about learning how to create your ideal life while building up your health so you can live free from symptoms.  It's about living a life on your terms and knowing how to take impeccable care of yourself.  There is no one answer, no cookie-cutter strategies, no magic pills that will release you from fibromyalgia. You may not even be able to cure it, but that doesn't mean you have to stay stuck in pain and misery.

This is for you if you don't want to fight your body, but rather be in a relationship with yourself.  If you don't want to measure food, count calories, or feel guilty because you're too tired to get out of the house.  If you would rather enjoy what you eat, instead of eating anything and everything hoping you will feel better.  

This is for you if you want support that takes it slow and easy, but gets you results quick. Something that supports you foundationally, so you build lasting strength.  This is for you if you want support that teaches you how to have sustained energy and promotes a life of passion, joy and freedom.

It's time to get back to the people and activities you love and start living!

Here's How To Know If FFF Is The Right Fit For You

You often say to yourself…

• “I'm lonely, but I'm too tired to go out and spend time with people.”

• “There has to be a pill that will take away my pain.”

• “Why do I hate everything? Why can't I be better?”

• “I can’t go to the gym until I lose a few pounds first.”

• “I'm all alone and no one can help me.”

• “What's wrong with me? I've tried everything, nothing works.”

• “There's nothing anyone can do about fibromyalgia, it's a death sentence!”

But these are just condition statements, and your intuition is probably telling you that you can’t keep going like this. You’re starting to see that this is affecting everything – your work, your relationships, even your kids.

I know this because I've been there.  After all the ups and downs and the emotional roller coaster I was on for more than 2 decades, I can't begin to describe here, I finally put the pieces together and found a way back to me.

My name is Justine Cécile — Owner of Justine Cécile – Integrated Essentials, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, a Hormone Cure Coach and a fibromyalgia expert.  Using my personal journey and experience with fibromyalgia, severe fatigue, emotional eating and hormone issues along with my training and education, I coach and mentor individuals like yourself how to uncover HIDDEN dysfunction, identify healing opportunities and most of all how to ADDRESS every aspect of their well-being so you can truly have Freedom From Fibromyalgia.

I often think about what it would’ve been like if someone had been able to show me how to really take care of myself, how to not be pissed every morning while trying to get out the door when nothing was working, my brain would freeze, my feet would hurt, I couldn't fit in my clothes and I would cringe when I saw my reflection at how old, wiped-out and fat I was.  I would have loved to have had support so I would have avoided get-togethers, reunions – LIFE – all because of my body and I were at war.

That’s a really painful way to live. And it’s exactly why I created Freedom From Fibromyalgia.

I’m offering you a way out of confinement. It’s unconventional and requires an open mind, but if you’re still reading, I think this is just the thing you need.

My unique system of “Guidance” and “Strategies” has helped others just like you get unstuck in sickness and back to living a life full of joy.

With a background in functional health strategies and systems, mind mapping, transformational coaching methods and knowing what life is like when you're struggling to cope under the weight of fibromyalgia, my passion is not only to share my knowledge with others but also to mentor you using what you already know innately and methods that get results and lift you up fast. I am constantly on a quest to discover better ways to get people what they truly desire and get them back to the people and activities they love — which is exactly what you will discover during our time together.

Introducing “Freedom From Fibromyalgia” – the first Month-to-Month Coaching program for individuals diminished by fibromyalgia

In this 12-module program, you'll learn deep, powerful yet simple principles and how to A.D.D.R.E.S.S. your health, and discover:

  • How to predict and respond to trigger events so you don't go down for a day or up to weeks at a time, develop a skill set to avoid them and reduce their impact so you can get on with your plans without the panic of “not knowing how bad this will get, how long will it last and will I recover.”
  • The incredible secret behind stopping the self-sabotage cycle.
  • A counter-intuitive approach to what you are already doing, but aren't doing correctly to make a real, lasting difference in your life.
  • How to escape the trap of hopelessness by using smarter strategies and what you truly want to propel your progress.


Become Who You Want to Be with Freedom From Fibromyalgia

1. The Best Practices from a Functional Health Perspective

All modules and lessons are based on an integrative approach to wellness and lean on the resources and teachings of the top health practitioners in the world.  You cannot separate your physiological systems, or your body from your mind, if you want to unravel the Queen Bee of Metabolic Chaos™, fibromyalgia.

2. Breakthrough Experiential Exercises

It's one thing to be told what to do, it's another when you can “feel” and “know” what to do.  Your lessons incorporate powerful experiential exercises to give you the breakthroughs you need to skyrocket your progress and lasting results.

3. A Step-by-Step Roadmap to Keep You Focused and Avoid Overwhelm

This isn't just some high-level advice. You will be guided along a proven plan so you know exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. No more confusion, and no more second-guessing. Just a step-by-step roadmap that will get you to where you want to go so you can enjoy Freedom From Fibromyalgia.

The Freedom From Fibromyalgia modules will get you to a state of Thriving

Focus 1: Foundational Relief

Stop chasing fad diets and exercise programs that make you feel deprived, frustrated with results, never full energized, always exhausted, that you have no will power, you're lazy and hopeless.

Learn how to use the customization A.D.D.R.E.S.S. Self-Care System and avoid, reduce or eliminate stressors allowing for true healing, clear thinking, relieving anxiety and depression, ending emotional eating, improve immune function and build up natural energy.

Focus 2: Correction

Stop obsessing over symptoms and start looking for the underlying cause, because your symptoms may not be directly related to the root dysfunction, solutions often trigger other symptoms and that can lead to more invasive solutions.

Learn how to use functional labs and clinical assessments to uncover underlying dysfunction. By following clues, using pin-pointed labs and thorough clinical assessments that address the craziness of Metabolic Chaos™, you identify H.I.D.D.E.N. healing opportunities that support and promote your body’s natural ability to heal and repair.

Focus 3: Thriving

Focus on a functional integrated approach of Mind and Body, otherwise you will continue to self-sabotage, crash and burn which leads to more stress and undermines your confidence.

By focusing on how the brain and body work together – not separately, you reduce the amount of energy and time it takes to create new habits, reduces the amount of time your nervous system is in a state of threat and you are able to make more positive choices because you are responding rather than reacting.

This eases stress and overwhelm, leading to significant relief in all areas of your life resulting in lasting positive change.




MODULE 1 – A.D.D.R.E.S.S. Self-care System


  • Why everything you do is all about taking care of you, even if it feels like sabotage.
  • How having an attitude of awareness and being curious is key to relieving overwhelm and frustration.
  • Why you don't really know what you desire and that what you desire is often not what you want.
  • Exactly what steps to take to avoid triggers that aggravate your fibromyalgia.
  • The fundamental flaw in most diet and exercise programs, and the simple shift that will guarantee results.

MODULE 2 – Balancing Moods & Stabilizing Emotions


  • How emotions works and why they are important.
  • That there is no such thing as a negative mood or emotion.
  • Why even negative moods and emotions are beneficial.
  • How being more aware of your moods and emotions supports your efforts.
  • Exactly what steps to take to alter your mood.

MODULE 3 – Weight Loss (& Maintenance)


  • How to implement a crazy-easy habit to stop counting calories and still lose weight.
  • Why most keep gaining weight, even when they are trying to lose it, and how to reverse this frustrating reality.
  • The best foods for weight loss, plus common mistake when choosing your food which make sit impossible for you to lose weight.
  • How enjoyment and loving your meals is crucial to losing weight.
  • Everything you need to know about cooking; how to make it easy, tips for making it fun and TONS of recipes for fast breakfasts, packed lunches and dinners for one, two or ten.

MODULE 4 – Energy Building


  • How your body produces energy and what are the building blocks
  • Why exercise can make you more exhausted instead of energized.
  • Why sleeping can drain your energy.
  • Discover a step by step plan for building and maintaining energy.

MODULE 5 – More Weight Loss (& Maintenance)


  • Use the ADDRESS Self-care System to root out underlying causes for stuck weight
  • Refine your relationship to food.
  • How to Catch Air and propel your weight loss
  • The secret to eating the exact amount you need to lose weight and stay energized without worrying about portions or hidden ingredients.
  • Why having will power is over-rated and the simple shift you need to guarantee you never feel like a failure again.

MODULE 6 – Sleep


  • Why your sleeping pills are making your sleep issues worse.
  • How using how your brain works is the easiest and fastest way to powerful sleep.
  • Why your environment is critical for sleep.
  • The secret to sleeping well any where, even when you are on the road.

MODULE 7 – Digestion


  • Why your sleeping pills are making your sleep issues worse.
  • How using how your brain works is the easiest and fastest way to powerful sleep.
  • Why your environment is critical for sleep.
  • The secret to sleeping well any where, even when you are on the road.

MODULE 8 – Energy Building Ramp-up!


  • The sneaky thing that's making you “play small” and what to do to really start making waves.
  • How to find the energy and time to pursue your highest ambitions.
  • What you need to have fun at anything you do, even at work (and yes, even if you currently hate your job.).
  • How to go from a stressed-out psychopath to relaxed and grounded faster than you can open the fridge.

MODULE 9 – Exercise!


  • The sneaky way exercise wears you out, and how you can avoid that.
  • Why you were meant to move and how it affects your moods.
  • How movement reduces pain, brain fog, skin rashes, headaches, and more.
  • Learn how to move and do more, loving how you feel in your body like never before.

MODULE 10 – Internal Stressors


  • It's time to refine and go deep after any lingering symptoms you may have.
  • Review and refine your protocols to wipe out any lasting nagging issues.
  • Celebrate successes and say goodbye to all the old pain.
  • Recognize your achievements and cement your new skills to soar.

MODULE 11 – Fascia Tissue Care


  • Learn what your fascia tissue is and why it's critical for your longevity.
  • Discover how to care for your fascia tissue so you never have to worry about a relapse.
  • Discover how your fascia tissue supports healthy weight, energy, pain management and youthfulness.
  • Build up a library of self-treatment techniques to care for this incredible organ.

MODULE 12 – Corrective Care Review


  • Review and make corrections to your self-care protocols as necessary.
  • Determine your course of action for the next 6 months, year and 5 years out
  • Learn how to treat yourself to self-lead retreats to create mini-breaks that nurture and feed your soul.

Your Bonuses!

To ensure you get the most out of Freedom From Fibromyalgia, I’ve added these exclusive bonuses for you:

Additional Lessons on Specific Topics (BONUS Value: $600.00)

In Freedom From Fibromyalgia, you get access to bonus lessons that ADDRESS topics such as how to avoid fibro flares, strategies for attending social events, diet strategies you can use any where, how to treat 3 types of foot pain and more.

You'll go even deeper, get answers on how to approach avoiding and eliminating each of these.

Hot Seat Coaching (BONUS Value: $250.00)

Hot Seat coaching is a laser focused coaching session focusing on an immediate need.  Together, in an One-on-One session we will dig deep to identify find healing opportunities and flush out what's stopping you.

All Hot Seat coaching sessions will be made available to the group, so  when you're not in the Hot Seat, you still benefit.  You will be able to listen in and experience results by association.  You may have not have the exact situation the person in the Hot Seat has, but in most cases you will be able to relate it to a situation you are dealing with.  Hots Seats allow you to see challenges you are facing from an other perspective and that can be the A-Ha moment you need.

Private Coaching Sessions! (BONUS Value: $850.00)

For a limited time, I'm extending the opportunity of working with you individually. If you enroll in Freedom From Fibromyalgia today, you can receive up to four bonus private coaching sessions with me.  Now you have an opportunity to work with someone who is solely focused on your needs and situation.

This limited time Bonus is comprised of three sessions and are granted as follows;

  • 1 30-minute Getting Started Session for use any time during the 1st month.
  • 60-minute Private Coaching Session for use between months 3 – 5.  
  • 60-minute Private Coaching Session for use between months 6 – 8.
  • 60-minute Private Coaching Session for use between months 9 -12.  

To receive all 4 coaching sessions, you must stick with the program.  This is an incentive to take me up on my commitment; to get you more life & less pain. This program is designed to help eliminate years of frustrating trail & error.

Bottom line, I get my clients (who I love) results (which I love) and that gives them the freedom to have a life that they love.

5 Reasons Why You'll Love “Freedom From Fibromyalgia”

1. Short, powerful video lessons in 30 minutes or less

“Freedom From Fibromyalgia” is a high-impact coaching program designed to get you maximum results that last over time.  Each lesson's video is only 30 minutes or less to minimize overwhelm and get you on the right path quickly.  Too much information in too little time creates overwhelm and confusion which results in no action and no results.

2. Rewires your brain for success

Everyone has blind spots that prevent them from getting the results they want.  “Freedom From Fibromyalgia” is designed to break through the specific blind spots that affect you and reduces or eliminates fears that stop you from getting where you want to go.  Your brain is effectively rewired to support your efforts so you can have the life you are truly capable of living.

3. Experiential Exercises

Experiences help us learn differently than lectures do.  Experiences provide relationships between new information and something we already know.  They can bridge the gaps in understanding.  Throughout the program you will be guided through short, experiential exercises designed to help your understanding of how choices and behaviors affect you so you can predict and respond to situations with choices that support your well-being.

4. Community

Lets face it, it's hard to go it alone.  And you probably feel like fibromyalgia has robbed you of your friends and possibly your loved ones, you already feel alone and isolated.  “Freedom From Fibromyalgia” puts you together with others who know where you are, what you have gone through and where you are heading.  Not only will the community support you, but it also offers you a platform in which you can support others.  It is in the acts of giving and receiving, when we are truly happy.

5. Supporting Resources

In addition to your weekly lessons, you have resources that complement your transformation journey.  Each month you have access to Office Hours where you can ask for clarification and seek assistance to tweak the program to fit your needs, handouts, tracking sheets, assessment forms, recipes and more are provided as weekly downloads, challenges to help stretch you out of your comfort zone to speed up your progress or re-energize you, and so much more is coming your way.

*Bonus modules on specific topics or challenges will be released throughout the year, to help you overcome the specific areas you struggle with the most.

What People Are Saying About Working with Justine Cécile

I am so grateful for the day I met Justine Cecile Lomax.  I have suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for over 25 years.  Along with this, I am overweight.  I was on the internet one evening and saw an announcement for a webinar on fibromyalgia by Justine.  The webinar was going to be held in just a few hours so I signed up to attend.  The webinar was so interesting and informative that I decided to sign up for personal coaching with Justine.  That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I had no idea what I was in for!  Justine started to help me deal with my weight, which bothered me even more than fibromyalgia.  No pressure!  No strict diet!  Justine started helping me with, what seemed to me, small steps.  Did I eat breakfast?  No.  Justine suggested that I start by eating breakfast.  That was easy.  I had more energy.  I wasn’t feeling hungry mid-morning and craving cookies.  WOW!  This small change made quite a difference.  And this was just the beginning.  I look forward to my coaching sessions each week and I’m excited to see what comes next!  I now have much more energy and I sleep much better.  I feel like a new woman!  Make a wonderful decision for yourself – sign up with Justine!  You’ll never regret it.

Jodee Ruby

I have lived a holistic-health lifestyle most of my adult years.  (I am 60+.)  I have seen a variety of practitioners, but have never known anyone who has more enthusiasm to help, and a unique ability to pull all the pieces together for healthy solutions than Justine Cecile.

Since childhood I had been plagued with IBS.  Eliminating dairy helped but clearly wasn’t the whole answer.  Eleven years ago my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease, so I went on the gluten-free diet with him.  The two of us immediately had dramatically improved health.  But I continued to have problems, not with IBS symptoms, but rather other issues related to digestion.  I had morning congestion; blowing through tons of tissues, morning fatigue, and brain fog all the way to noontime.  Then upon Justine Cecile’s counsel, by making small but powerful changes to my diet selections and food quality, drinking lemon water 20 minutes before breakfast, eliminating my usual late-night snack to improve the elimination process, and by ensuring that I get at least six hours of unbroken sleep, my mornings are congestion free and I have energy to spare.

Linda D.

I didn't realize just how far my life got away from me.  I have lupus and fibromyalgia and have been on disability for almost 4 years.  When I first spoke with Justine Cecile I was feeling desperate, but skeptical.  I have seen so many doctors and was on almost 11 medications.  Nothing worked, at least not for long.

From the moment we got on our call, she put me at ease.  I felt like there was hope for me and I'm 64 years old.  I didn't think I could do the coaching program, but she assured me I could and I'm so glad I did.  Everyone before her told me what to do, and I would start out like a champ, but I couldn't stick with it.  She almost did the opposite, but instead of failing, I was winning.  I can't explain how she does it, but she puts you at ease and into contact with what you need to know most.  And when you need to know it.

She not only got me off my sugar cravings, but she cleared up my IBS and I'm walking everyday.  I feel like a brand new woman and I like myself.  No, I love myself.  I didn't know how badly I was treating myself and now, everything has changed.  If you can, work with Justine, she's a blessing.

Karen Z.

Freedom From Fibromyalgia Monthly Option

Strength Despite Sickness
  • 12 Modules on how to build a foundational relief, correct malfunction, and thrive!
  • 1 30-minute Private Getting Started Strategy Session
  • 3 60-minute Private Coaching Sessions
  • Bonuses valued at $1,700.00!
I Want In!

Freedom From Fibromyalgia Full Payment Option

Strength Despite Sickness
  • 12 Modules on how to build a foundational relief, correct malfunction, and thrive!
  • 1 30-minute Private Getting Started Strategy Session
  • 3 60-minute Private Coaching Sessions
  • Bonuses valued at $1,700.00!
I Want In!

What is fibromyalgia costing you?  What is having Freedom From Fibromyalgia worth to you?

Freedom From Fibromyalgia” is the map you need to thrive and have Strength Despite Sickness.

It's time to get back to the people and activities you love and start living!

Freedom From Fibromyalgia Monthly Option

Strength Despite Sickness
  • 12 Modules on how to build a foundational relief, correct malfunction, and thrive!
  • 1 30-minute Private Getting Started Strategy Session
  • 3 60-minute Private Coaching Sessions
  • Bonuses valued at $1,700.00!
I Want In!

Freedom From Fibromyalgia Full Payment Option

Strength Despite Sickness
  • 12 Modules on how to build a foundational relief, correct malfunction, and thrive!
  • 1 30-minute Private Getting Started Strategy Session
  • 3 60-minute Private Coaching Sessions
  • Bonuses valued at $1,700.00!
I Want In!

It's all about what works for you.  Try it for 30 day, RISK FREE.  You are in the driver's seat.

If you decide this program isn't right for you, I'll refund your money. No questions asked.

Products Health Disclaimer:  The information presented in all Justine Cécile’s Integrative Wellness Programs offered are for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by any government agency. These programs and the information contained within it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. The information is not medical advice and is not given as medical advice. Because there is always some risk involved when changing diet and/or lifestyle, Justine Cécile’s Integrative Wellness assumes no responsibility for any adverse effects or consequences that might result from participating in any of our programs. Before engaging in any diet and/or lifestyle change, please consult a qualified medical professional.

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