Functional Hormone Solutions

Hormone Replacement Therapy Not Working? Time To Do Something New

Don't Settle For Less

You can eliminate meltdowns, constant irritability, sleepless nights, persistent fatigue and naturally feel like yourself again

You want to stop your emotions and mood swings from taking over the conversation – at home and at work.

You're sick of being irritable all the time, feeling like you're always out of control, and not feeling like yourself – confident.

I want you feeling great about yourself, inside & out, and finally find freedom from hormone imbalance.

I want to help make this a reality for you.

Nurture & Nourish

Cultivate a model of self-care that fosters rest, relaxation and joy while minimizing stress and nourish yourself without strict rules and deprivation.

Leverage & Integrate

Leverage state-of-the-art diagnostic lab testing to determine why you are not producing hormones, why your signals are misfiring and why you are not eliminating used and excess hormones while integrating neuroscience to balance key areas of your life.

Natural & Proven

Side-step side-effects with targeted supplementation for relief & corrective care, and heal using food, movement and a new outlook on life with proven systems and frameworks.

If Hormone Therapy Isn't Working…

Your hormones are NOT the problem.

You must start looking at your hormone imbalance from a different angle, and ask specific questions about WHY they are imbalanced.

Otherwise, you will continue to chase normalcy, being able to function to the high-degree you expect, and the ability to sleep waking up feeling genuinely refreshed & energized.

If you stop chasing hormone levels and do this right, you can perform your best at work and arrive home still energized, ready to spend time on activities that bring you joy – with those you love.

Ready for this to be your new normal?

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What Clients Are Saying

“Justine is ahead of her time and there's so many people who need how she breaks down healing.  I like the way she works and there are elements of what she does that can help anyone.

Any one who follows her plans can benefit.  And the way she breaks down simple steps can help with anything.

It's the truth.  I see it working in my own life and I've seen so many health professionals.

I just turned 60 and I feel good about my prospects.

You just have to let go and it's really about the selfcare.  You just have to do it.  It's hard when you're tired, but I learned how to relax and listen to my body and to allow myself to rest.

And that healing comes in stages, you can't do it all at once.  Too much of a good thing, is too much.  You want to break it down and the way Justine does it makes it so you can see it, and then you can do it.”

Kathy Lambert, Renton, WA

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