Hormone therapy isn't working, You're feeling more anxious - time to do something else

Don't Settle For Less

You can eliminate meltdowns, constant irritability, sleepless nights, persistent fatigue and naturally feel like yourself again

You want to stop your emotions and mood swings from taking over the conversation – at home and at work.

You're sick of being irritable all the time, feeling like you're always out of control, and not feeling like yourself – confident.

I want you feeling great about yourself, inside & out, and finally find freedom from hormone imbalance.

I want to help make this a reality for you.

Nurture & Nourish

Cultivate a model of self-care that fosters rest, relaxation and joy while minimizing stress and nourish yourself without strict rules and deprivation.

Leverage & Integrate

Integrate neuroscience to balance key areas of your life and support behavioral change while leveraging state-of-the-art diagnostic lab testing to determine your root causes and where you want to focus your change.

Natural & Proven

Side-step side-effects with targeted natural supplementation for relief & corrective care, and heal using food, movement and a new outlook on life with proven systems and frameworks.

Picture this…

You wake up without needing multiple alarms to get you out of bed. You wake up feeling genuinely refreshed & energized.

You're performing at your best at work, and when something new lands on your desk – you're OK with it. You achieve all your professional goals without feeling like you're burning the candle at both ends.

No more sitting at your desk feeling uncomfortable and wanting to hide from your latest outburst or indecision.

No more relying on sugar & caffeine to (just barely) get you through the day. You can finally escape the pull of the vending machine.

AND you get home with plenty of energy, and patience, to spend on activities that bring you joy – with those you love.

You have more patience at the end of the day & don't turn nasty in an instant, and not because you’re on anti-depressants that make you feel numb.

Those tiny things that annoyed you seem to have vanished (but it's not that they have changed – you changed).

Your family & friends can feel the difference. They see that you're not TRYING to spend time with them, you just are.

They enjoy spending more time with you too. Quality time is a thing now.

You're much more active, confident and feel like you can do anything.

All of this!

Because your hormones are finally stable and working with you, not against you.  You've got the kind of energy you thought would appear one day, but you've probably never had before.

Best of all, your reality of health and happiness are designed by you, not built by you alone.  You have a system, a process, in place for handling whatever life throws your way.

Ready for this to be your new normal?

How Can I Help You?

Let's face it.  You have doctors and insurance to cover your health needs.  They can put you on hormone therapy.  If that works – great!  But what if it isn't enough?  What if it makes you feel worse, crazy even?

Everywhere you look there is more advice on how to balance your hormones, be happy, and live a great life.

So, what's missing?  Why are you here, right now?

The problem – there is A LOT of advice, a lot of it is CONFLICTING, and NONE of it seems to STICK.

Worse – the focus in on hormone levels and not the cause of why your hormones are low, high and imbalanced. 

And doctors often miss the BIG PICTURE.

Perimenopause and menopause are often seen and treated as a dysfunction, and that’s the problem.  When the focus is on trying to regulate your hormones levels and not the real reason why your hormones are not fluctuating properly, you will never feel better.

There is a place for hormone therapy, but if all they are doing is adjusting your hormones, and putting you on anti-depressants, it’s past time to do something else. 

Coaching isn't something you need to get by, it's a “I'm responsible for my health, the quality of my life and I'm going to get this done” – easier and faster than constantly adjusting hormones, switching to different hormone delivery systems or forms of hormones, or just plain doing it on your own and trying every suggestion that comes your way.

My job as a coach is to mainly dig deep, be curious, connect-the-dots and keep your big picture in focus. 

You're the one making the decisions, making the choices – creating the map you want to travel.

I have expertise, experience, access to resources you may not have, but I'm not the expert on you and what you want.  It's not my job to tell you what to do, but rather listen and guide you, help you identify and see what you're missing, and help you refine your health and ultimately your life.

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I leverage state-of-the-art diagnostics testing and comprehensive clinical assessments to help identify your healing opportunities and establish supplement, diet, exercise and stress relief protocols targeted at your actual dysfunction.

As a Transformational Performance Coach, I know some awesome questions and have frameworks to support your efforts for shifting the way you think, do and be.  Help you change your relationship with your environments, food, your body, your friends and family and ultimately with yourself.

With my personal experience of pulling myself back from hormone hell and crippling chronic illness coupled with the skills I have developed, I have a set of principles that teach you how to design your defined reality of health and happiness – not mine, or anyone else's.  And a series of practices I refer to as The ADDRESS Self Care System that act as a framework and will help you avoid wasting more time, effort, energy and money on failed attempts to feel like yourself again, or better.

Imagine what it would feel like if you had clarity, focus, direction, strategy and support to achieve your goals – that's what coaching with me will do.

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What Clients Are Saying

“Justine is ahead of her time and there's so many people who need how she breaks down healing.  I like the way she works and there are elements of what she does that can help anyone.

Any one who follows her plans can benefit.  And the way she breaks down simple steps can help with anything.

It's the truth.  I see it working in my own life and I've seen so many health professionals.

I just turned 60 and I feel good about my prospects.

You just have to let go and it's really about the selfcare.  You just have to do it.  It's hard when you're tired, but I learned how to relax and listen to my body and to allow myself to rest.

And that healing comes in stages, you can't do it all at once.  Too much of a good thing, is too much.  You want to break it down and the way Justine does it makes it so you can see it, and then you can do it.”

Kathy Lambert, Renton, WA

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