You’re at the stage of your life where you’re starting to see the results of your hard work, but now you’re not feel quite like you want to.

After all those years of sacrifice, late-night study sessions, sleepless nights with the babies, and the dedication you have put into your work and reaching your goals, your health is now starting to slow you down.  

You have been a Rock Star in so many areas of your life, spent your life putting everything into place, but your body isn’t keeping up anymore.

But it’s not just that your body is failing, you also feel like YOU are failing.

You ask yourself; “How can I excel in so many areas, and yet fail myself?”

I get it.  

At first it was off & on fatigue, but that was normal – you were working hard and staying up late, sleep was not a priority.

Then the body aches & pains showed up, but that was only because you weren’t working out enough …or you were working out too much.  You had a lot to do, and working as you do is going to cause some pain.


Then the gas and constipation kicked in, but that’s just because of the stress.  You tell yourself, “Once you get to where you’re going, things will slow down and you’ll be able to shed the stress.”

Now you’re constantly exhausted, your body feels like it weighs a ton and you’re so tired, you find yourself struggling to make simple decisions or be present at work or at home.

You’ve seen the doctors, but all they do is tell you your labs look ‘normal’, tell you to eat healthy, and move more.

You’ve sought out other solutions; go to bed earlier, supplements, and even slogged yourself to the gym, and though they helped, they weren’t The Solution.

Where do you go from here?

You’re not willing to give it all up.

Well, it’s time to tap into your inner wisdom and pull up your bootstraps.

You’re the only one responsible for your health and you know it’s going to take more than eating well, exercising more, seeing the doctor once in awhile and the answer certainly doesn’t come in a prescription bottle.

That’s where I come in…  because you don't have to go it alone…

It’s not about you knowing HOW to do it right now, or how to slow down, tune-into yourself and take responsibility of your health & welfare.  

That’s where coaching with me comes in…

I have a framework of principles I share, that ADDRESSes how you got out of sync, and how you can change that.  So you can feel great and are free to explore new experiences and possibilities without worrying about your health.  

Coaching with me is not about being told what to do…

I’m not an expert on you – you are.

I don’t have all the answers – we’ll discover those together.

I’m a guide, a mentor who knows how to listen and I ask really great questions…

So you can discover the answers…

Yes, I have resources, lots of experience and tools for helping you uncover hidden healing opportunities.  But my job isn’t to diagnose or treat anything specifically.

It’s about serving you as whole person…

I do this by basing my practice on a set of principles I call the ADDRESS Self Care System*:

AWARENESS of you and your environments, how you interact with them and how they affect your emotional recipes which ultimately determines your actions.

DESIRES an understanding of your intentions, your whys – some are hidden, some are transparent, but all are central to how you respond or react.

DIET & METABOLIC EFFICIENCY; discovery of what foods are most efficient for you and how well you extract and use nutrients for natural energy production which determines your ability to heal, repair and function.

REST & ENERGY MANAGEMENT; learning how to pace yourself, rest your nervous system – the person who throws the hardest punch is the most relaxed – it’s time to stop wasting energy.

EXERCISE & ACTIVE MOBILITY; learning to use your body more efficiently and fluidly so it can carry you where you want to go while enjoying being in it more.

STRESS RELIEF; Internal & External rob you of your vitality and are the catalysts for dysfunctions leading to symptoms and ultimately disease.  Therefore, it’s critical that you learn your triggers & causes and how to eliminate, avoid or counter them.

SELF-CARE; learning how to be true to yourself, learning how to be selfish like a child again, being selfish with intention removing triggers for resentment and anger.  

Not only do I provide this framework of principles, and lean on diagnostic tools such as state-of-the-art lab testing and in-depth clinical assessments, I also focus on you as the person – who you want to present to the world.

I do this by guiding you through environmental audits and learning how to define, refine and align you needs, wants and desires and by conducting threat assessments to uncover your challenges and obstacles – so they are no longer a threat to you achieving your goals.

I promise, you will discover that you do have inner wisdom and you can influence your environments to foster healing, bring about more joy and ultimately find your freedom to make choices that serve you – and others.


Hi, I’m Justine Cécile

I was in your position once. Now, I’m back at the top of my game.

I got sick in 1991. But I didn’t know I was sick.

What I have discovered is, most chronic illnesses start out as an energy crisis of one sort or another.  Fatigue and digestive distress often show up long before a diagnosis.

In my case, I was in the military, and fatigue was normal.  Aches & pains were normal. Stress, coupled with digestive problems was normal.

But because I didn’t solve my fatigue issues early – I really did become sick.

Finally, diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2000. On medication and in pain until 2013.

To heal myself and get back to being as active as I wanted, I took the long, hard route at first. I followed the route that let me stay functional and stay at work, but that was about it. I couldn’t reach the heights of everything that I wanted to do.

Eventually, a huge, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came up and I really wanted it. But my health was a big block to that.

I realized I was out of options. It really was solely up to me to rebuild my health to get back to what I wanted out of life.  So, I put myself to work.

There was no one to support me at the time. I was trying to figure it all out by myself.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone the way I did, because now you’ve found me.

I’ve spent 7+ years studying and putting together a methodology that will help you get back to doing what you do best in a fraction of the time that it took me.

Here are just a few of the trainings and certifications that I have to support you:

  • Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Certified WildFit™ Coach
  • Certified Mastery Transformational Coaching Method™ Coach
  • Certified M.E.L.T.Method™ Hand and Foot Instructor
  • Trained MindMapping™ Neuroscience Coach
  • Trained Hormone Cure™ Coach trained in Dr. Sara Gottfried’s The Gottfried Protocol™ for Natural Hormone Balancing
  • Trained Mastering Thyroid: with Full Potential Living
  • PSYCH-K® Facilitator

When you look at that long list, you can see why the advice you get from one medical professional often conflicts with the advice from others. It’s because, before now, there hasn’t been one resource or one person that can help you with all of them.

Helping others to succeed, regardless of their passion is something I have dedicated my life to, and this struggle and  journey with fibromyalgia almost took that away from me.

Don’t let fatigue and digestive distress lead to a serious illness and take away your passion.  I’m here to help you thrive, despite how exhausted you feel today.

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Why You Want To Work With A Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

To really support your goals, you need more than a diet plan to follow.  

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a method of looking at your health from a systems approach and as a whole person. You are different; genetically and biochemically unique.  This personalized approach to health, focuses on you, not symptoms. It supports the normal healing mechanisms of your body, naturally, rather than attacking symptoms directly.

As a FDN-P, I understand that what happens within you is connected in a complicated network or web of relationships. Understanding those relationships allows me to see deep into the functioning of your body and reverse navigate the cascade of Metabolic Chaos™ you are experiencing.

I don’t guess, I test — using state-of-the-art lab testing to highlight patterns of imbalance and stress in your body which provides clues on where to focus for optimize healing.

Your optimal health is not just the absence of disease, it is a state of immense vitality.

Working together, we will create a simple, customized step-by-step health restoration plan to meet your needs, wants and desires that works in your environment. AND GET REAL RESULTS!

More about me

When I’m not working with women learn how to use food and other natural means to stay energized, I’m hiking or walking along the beach, travelling abroad, going to SF Giants baseball games and spending time with my friends and family.

I enjoy going to San Francisco, to hang out, shop and see a show once in while.  I love the buzz of the city, but I’m glad I live in a quieter place.

Food and cooking are passions of mine. My meals are one of the highlights of my day; they're healthy, energizing and I savor them. My friends and family tend to volunteer me to cook, which I’m thrilled about.  Nothing better than preparing and hosting a 4 – 5 course dinner.

I love travelling and trying new things. (If I don’t use my passport at least once a year – I tend to get anxious.)  It’s one of the things that I thought fibromyalgia was going to stop me from doing. And one of the best things about travelling is discovering new foods. I’m always trying to recreate dishes, and then modifying them to be WildFit approved.

And today, I love being active.  I’m not currently running long-distance these days, but you’ll still see me out cycling or down at the pool swimming laps.  I do still run, but not as often or as much as I was.  Instead, I’m walking the dog.  He’s a Corgi-Australian shepherd mix and his short legs can’t carry his full-size body for long at a run. ;o)

Meet Justine Cécile
*The ADDRESS Self-Care System was inspired by the FDN DRESS For Health Success System.