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Ready to stop hormone chaos, fatigue, and moodiness…

And get back to feeling like yourself and discovering possibilities?

01. Explore

Our first priority is to explore and understand the obstacles and challenges that have you struggling with hormone imbalance, even if your are on HRT.

02. Guide

Acting as your guide, together we set your direction toward relief, correction and healing, so you can feel like yourself again – even better.

03. Focus

The focus is always on YOU, as a whole person, and creating a structure for your life that establishes you and your happiness as the priority.

Are you ready to get off the emotional rollercoaster your HRT hasn’t solved?

I'm Justine Cécile

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Master MindMapping Coach, I guide hard-working, health-minded women overcome the chaos of raging hormones.  After decades of hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances, I discovered functional medicine and the need to integrate essentials.

You Deserve Better

Having a difficult time with hormone replacement therapy makes your life harder not easier.  

That’s not what you need when you are a working mom with lots of responsibility on your shoulders.

I’ve been guiding women like yourself for over 5 years now, by providing clarity, direction, focus, strategy and support.  Together, we explore options and expand possibilities.

How I do this depends on the person I’m working with, their specific and highly unique set of challenges, needs, wants and desires.

My work is based on a highly potent blend of a functional health approach, state-of-the art diagnostics, behavioral neuroscience, NLP and, of course, almost 25 years of experience with living with out-of-control hormones and learning how to balance them naturally through targeted supplementation, diet and restructuring my lifestyle to create a full and active life I adore.

Quick note about my personal life

I live in Pacific Grove, California with my husband, whom I’ve known since high-school, a crazy cute Corgi-Australian Shepherd Mix, a lively black cat with gorgeous green eyes and an African Grey parrot who is the BOSS.

Over Time I Realized

There Are Three Things I Wanted To ADDRESS

1. I believe that women’s healthcare is often inadequate, because it’s not well understood.

And it’s not just the medical community that misunderstands women's health.  We often refer to woman as being hormonal, and having fluctuating hormones that trigger mood swings is considered normal.

Yes, it is common.  Hormones are easily affected, and it is combinations of hormones and neurotransmitters that create different emotions.

But having fast and wide mood swings that cause you to have emotional meltdowns, unable to make decisions and feel overwhelmed by daily life is not normal.

We need to stop accepting and start looking deeper and more broadly to support normal fluctuations that promote a feelings of balance, calm, and engagement.

2. I believe doctors often miss a critical opportunity when they ignore gut health.

All physical and emotional health symptoms have a gut condition and gut health is almost never addressed when treating symptoms or specific conditions that don’t have an obvious and direct correlation with the gut.

In addition, when the gut is addressed, it’s usually by providing medications that may provide some relief, but do little or nothing to correct, heal and repair gut function.

For HRT to work, you have be able to breakdown and utilize nutrients, especially healthy fats required for hormone production.  You also need to have the ability to metabolize and expel hormone excess and by-products to maintain healthy levels of hormones.

3. I believe that HRT is normally a result of “treating a symptom” and not directed at correcting the dysfunction.

Treating symptoms is about providing immediate relief, and is rarely about correcting dysfunction.  When the focus is on a symptom often the symptom returns and the relief is only short-lived. And when the symptom returns, it’s usually worse and harder to manage.

Additionally, new symptoms can appear and many that do will not appear related to the original condition.

When the focus is on the whole person and integrating the essentials of healthy lifestyle choices in combination with short-term medication and/or supplement protocols the result is not only immediate relief, but also correction.  The actual root of the problem never needs to be identified as long as enough care is given toward relieving stressors; both internal and external, to provide the body with the resources and space it needs to conduct healing and repair functions.

What Clients Are Saying About Me

Much Love and Gratitude

Laura B.“When I started with Justine Cécile, I was in chronic pain, fatigued and an emotional wreck. The supplements she recommended helped me detox my body, healed my gut, and gave me alternatives to dealing with pain. I've dropped Ambien COMPLETELY and my Buprenorphine patch is now at 7.5 down from 15! I feel so much better, and I'm looking forward to getting to the point where I can drop all my meds.”

Laura Baird, VA

Knowledgeable, Intuitive and Genuine

Kim S.“Before I started working with Justine, I found myself stuck. I had always been active and considered myself to be relatively healthy, but I didn’t feel healthy. When I started working with Justine, my top three goals were to start losing the weight I had gained when I quit smoking, get myself feeling more stable emotionally, and increase my overall level of energy.

Justine was there every step of the way. She not only jump-started my weight loss (I have lost over 30 lbs since then), she taught me how to eat healthier – in particular how to choose the right combination of foods, how I looked at my food choices and how to be aware of how they made me feel.  Justine did an amazing job of re-framing the world of food for me.

She taught me about what essential nutrients our bodies need and how our bodies absorb those nutrients.  Justine is passionate about being a Health Coach and you can feel it and see it in her. She is knowledgeable, intuitive, dedicated, and genuine. I am calmer, stronger, leaner, and more energized as a direct result of her guidance.

I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to make real changes in their life or thinks they could use an extra hand on their path towards a healthier existence.”

Kim S., Monterey, CA

Utterly Amazing

Rita Z.“Justine is utterly amazing, brilliant, and level headed. She provided me valuable information on health and nutrition that would’ve taken me hours to research. She’s a great listener, accountability partner, and coach. I can’t say enough about her. I highly recommend her for all of your health and coaching needs.”

Rita Z., Seaside, CA

If your doctors are out of ideas…are you ready to take charge of your own health?

What makes me different from other coaches, is my focus on you as a whole person, my view on environments, and my knowledge of how your mind and body work, together. Many coaches these days focus on goals and tend to give you a lot of ‘rules’ and restrictions.

I take a different approach. I focus on quieting the chaos and waking your inner wisdom.  You know what to do, but there’s so much noise, you can’t focus. Your body knows how to heal, but it needs resources and space to get it done.

Yes, I can, and will if needed, give you some firm guidelines, conduct lab testing and even supply you with a supplement protocol based on your test results.

You Want Your Body to Function, Not Be Dependent

Short-term medication and/or supplement protocols can be a critical step in the process of providing relief and correcting dysfunction. But they should be short-term.

However, to be perfectly honest, if you’re looking for someone to give you more pills or hold you accountable to strict dietary & exercise plans that have you working out harder/faster/more, I’m NOT the best person to work with.

I simply don’t believe piling more on, putting you on a standard regiment and restricting your choices is the answer.

There is going to be effort.  You will not always be happy with me.  But, I’m not here to be your friend. I will treat you with respect, I will not judge, and I will not ‘tell you what you must do.’

That leads to more overwhelm, stress and will make you burn-out faster, farther.  You do not need more of that, let alone pay for the privilege. It makes no sense to me.

But if you’re sick and tired (even literally!) of trying to get a handle on your emotions and hormone health, and you want:


To have the energy to get out there and do what you want


Feel great in your body and enjoy being close to your spouse or partner


Have the clarity to make decisions, take on more projects with ease – not overwhelm


Feel like yourself again, confident, unstoppable, easy-going and fun!

If you’re looking for a way to take charge of your health, your hormones and you’re looking for a way to get it done the right way, so it sticks and you’re willing to play fallout with an open mind then we might very well be a good fit for working together.

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