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Want to be truly carefree, confident and comfortable in your skin – without the fear of feeling like your health is keeping you down?

You’re capable and busy and you know what you “should” do to take care of yourself & manage your fitness and energy levels. But it’s just not happening.

And you're tired of the Trial-by-Error roller coaster you are on.

But you don’t know how to stop – reading blog posts, looking things up on Google, comparing notes. All the advice is so scattered, confusing & often conflicts.

You want real solutions.

No more afternoon “Must-Have” coffee breaks.  No more “I must have sugar now” distractions. No more “binge for energy, then feel bloated & gassy and uncomfortable in my clothes” daily routines.

But most of all, you just want a clear path to follow to get you to where you have true food freedom and feel like yourself again.

Though you have already done a lot to maintain your health, you can't seem to get all the way there on your own. And that is fueling your biggest fear; that it won’t end.

The constant gas pains, the endless fatigue will just get worse.

And that this is your normal now, there’s no way out.  And it’s affecting your relationship with you spouse, your family and your friends – but you don’t have any options.

This is LIFE.

You didn’t put yourself second to your work, your children, slaved at the books, and climbed the corporate ladder to wind up feeling like you have no energy left in the tank to enjoy, let alone do what you want to do.

Meet Justine Cécile

“Surely this can’t be “normal”?”

Stomach distress and fatigue are common, but persistent symptoms are not normal.

You may have gone to your doctor, submitted the labs, and everything comes back as “normal.”  But that doesn’t mean it is.

And once again, you’re driving back home with the same advice; avoid stress, sleep more, eat healthier and move more.  And though you've tried all that, it's not getting better.

Instead, your fatigue never lets up and your digestive problems are getting worse.

You’re starting to suspect everything you’re told and losing faith in there being a solution.  Or that there even needs to be a solution – maybe this is just a part of getting older.

How can you possibly spend all this time, and effort on yourself when you have so little energy and there are so many things that need to get done?

What you’re experiencing is a form of energy crisis and it’s going to take more than a few days of sleeping in or even a vacation to recover.

The problem is, if you are aware of your stomach most of the time, that it’s not feeling right, you’re uncomfortable then you’re not digesting and assimilating the nutrients you need.

This leads to persistent fatigue at the cellular level, a weakened immune system, and basically all of your systems are not getting the energy they require to function properly.

And that’s wearing you down.

You want an easy to implement process to get you out of this overwhelming situation.  You need to learn how to slow down, tune-in to your inner health wisdom and empower yourself.

That’s where I come in.

Introducing: your personal health mentor & guide.  A Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner & Certified Master Transformational Coach at your side supporting you and providing direction as you determine your own path to health & happiness…

How does that sound?

I can support you several ways:

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You can join me in a small group program designed to support shifting your relationship with food and transition to Living WildFit.  Click here to find about more about this small group program that has helped thousands around the world have true Food Freedom.

You can work with me on a one-to-one basis leveraging state-of-the-art lab tests, clinical assessments and neuroscience to identify dysfunction, uncover hidden healing opportunities and final break free from self-sabotage.  Click here to discover more about my approach to coaching and how I can help you reach your goals.

You can join our community on Facebook; “The Notable Woman.”  Click here to join a group of like-minded women.

The Notable Woman is a place where we can gather and overcome conventional norms that say we have to slow down as we age. That stomach upset, fatigue, body aches & pains, and cognitive slowing down is normal. (They may be common, but certainly NOT normal.)

You want more for yourself and you have earned it! It's time to slow-down & tune-in, not because you're aging, but rather because you want to enjoy more, do more.

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There’s no reason for your health to stop you from exploring the world, experiencing new things, discovering activities that bring you joy and sharing it all with those you love.
I firmly believe that if you focus on and mind your environments, your body can heal. You can have more vitality, than maybe you have ever known.

I am writing about Justine Cecile Lomax, who has been a great help to me and many others.

I suffered for years with sleep apnea, congestion and breathing difficulty, lack of energy and fatigue-induced unwise food choices. With Justine’s help and counseling, I am sleeping and breathing much better, have much more energy and feel I “have my life back.” As one form of proof, I lost over 30 pounds in 2015.

Justine has given me an overall strategy that works for me. This includes daily activity planning, exercise, breathing methods, essential oils, diet and positive thinking. I think more clearly now and eat less. I work and play with better balance and have learned not to overdo either to the detriment of the other. My self-confidence and ability to relate to people are much, much better. My digestion is improved and I feel less anxiety.

I recommend Justine Cecile Lomax’s services, without reservation, to anyone who wants to be happier and healthier, or who wants to accomplish more with more joy in their life.quotesGreenRight

Steve H.

susan_feb2015“Who needs a health coach?” After the first couple of sessions with Justine Cécile, I admitted, “I do.” Having eaten healthy foods most of my life, the remaining puzzle was “Why do I still have so much indigestion?”

Justine looks at nutrition from many angles: what we eat, how it’s grown, and what we’re doing and feeling when we eat. At first keeping notes on all that sounded like a lot of work. Yet this very-knowledgeable woman’s manner is motivating because she’s organized, informative, attentive, and patient. She imparts new thinking about what’s good for getting and staying as healthy as possible, no matter at what age. I would have given up facing some food issues were it not for her.

Justine spotlighted how I eat to keep me from being smug about and/or distracted by my favorite food choices. When I use her recommendations, I see results. When I cut corners, she is non-judgmental but steers me back on track. Justine does this work because she loves it and wants to see others living healthy lives. Give her at least three sessions to start with; I bet you’ll be glad you quotesOrangeRightexpanded your thinking about eating.

Susan D., age 77, Soquel, CA

Linda“I have lived a holistic-health lifestyle most of my adult years.  (I am 60+.)  I have seen a variety of practitioners, but have never known anyone who has more enthusiasm to help, and a unique ability to pull all the pieces together for healthy solutions than Justine Cecile.

Since childhood I had been plagued with IBS.  Eliminating dairy helped but clearly wasn’t the whole answer.  Eleven years ago my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease, so I went on the gluten-free diet with him.  The two of us immediately had dramatically improved health.  But I continued to have problems, not with IBS symptoms, but rather other issues related to digestion.  I had morning congestion; blowing through tons of tissues, morning fatigue, and brain fog all the way to noontime.  Then upon Justine Cecile’s counsel, by making small but powerful changes to my diet selections and food quality, drinking lemon water 20 minutes before breakfast, eliminating my usual late-night snack to improve the elimination process, and by ensuring that I get at least six hours of unbroken sleep, my mornings are congestion free and I have energy to spare.

Justine Cecile’s tender touch and common sense approach to health, backed up by years of experience and training have made her an exceptional Health Coach.  It is her uncanny ability to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to find solutions that work that I find amazing.  I can’t imagine not having her in my life.  I am forever grateful to her.quotesOrangeRight

Linda D., age 69, Castro Valley, CA


Before I started working with Justine, I found myself stuck. I had always been active and considered myself to be relatively healthy, but I didn’t feel healthy. When I started working with Justine, my top three goals were to start losing the weight I had gained when I quit smoking, get healthier, and increase my overall level of energy. I had never done a cleanse or juiced before. Justine was there every step of the way.

Her programs not only jump-started my weight loss (I have lost over 30 lbs since then), they taught me how to eat healthier – in particular how to choose the right combination of foods. I also fell in love with juicing! It gave me so much energy – I just felt great. She had a slew of tasty and creative recipes. Justine did an amazing job of re-framing the world of food for me. She taught me about what essential nutrients our bodies need and how our bodies absorb those nutrients.

Justine is passionate about being a Health Coach and you can feel it and see it in her. She is knowledgeable, intuitive, dedicated, and genuine. I am stronger, leaner, more energized as a direct result of her guidance. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to make real changes in their life or quotesOrangeRightthinks they could use an extra hand on their path towards a healthier existence.

Kim S., age 51, Monterey, CA