Fatigue may seem normal to you. You work hard.  You try to get your To-do lists done over the weekend. You squeeze in a bit of fun time here and there. And you push your ratio of awake to sleep farther and farther every year. And to make this OK, you may say things like; “I only need so much sleep,” “As we get older we don’t need to sleep as much,”…

The truth is more complicated than that. The way we lived is a reflection of what we pay homage to; “work hard, play hard.” You don't hear many, if any, people say; “work hard, play hard and rest well.” As a society we don't honor resting. We call people lazy or even selfish if they're not ‘doing.'

And the articles we read about fatigue and general in nature, they have to be. I can't write about what you need specifically, no one can.  There are great tips and good information in this article for instance; https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/248002.php, but it implies you only need more sleep. Even though it does mention to include “A healthful diet and exercise can help reduce fatigue for many people.”  But the reality is, long-term fatigue is more than not getting enough sleep.

There are many underlying causes to why you have chronic fatigue issues. And it's those causes that led to you not getting needed resources; oxygen and nutrients, to your cells.  It's in your cell, where active and healthy mitochondria convert these resources into ATP – your source of natural energy.

Sleep has an immediate effect on your levels of fatigue, but you can't make up sleep. It needs to be a priority.  You want to be diligent in ensuring you get enough. This way, over time, sleep will support maintaining your energy levels.  But it’s not the only thing you want to focus on.

First, you want to focus on getting those resources; oxygen and nutrients, to your cells.  Second, you want to focus on supporting your mitochondria so they are healthy and active.

Obviously, there are a lot of things that can impede these two things, and there’s no one solution for everyone.  This is one of the problems of writing blogs and Facebook posts – you can’t offer specific solutions.

Now that you are aware of what is required, you have objectives you can strive for.  And you can refer to the article above, because it does have many good tips for helping you do just that, even if they aren't very specific.

No fatigue, and feeling energized all day longEating well, moving your body more, reducing stress, and yes, regular sleep are all going to support your efforts.

The article lays out a plan for sleep hygiene – this is great.  But I want to add one missing tip, keep a routine.  Get yourself into a routine, and keep to it even when travelling and on the weekends.  This will help re-train your body to fall asleep naturally and quickly. By doing so, you reduce the time you lay in bed awake and ‘wasting’ time.

If you want my support to help you find what works for you specifically, post on my Facebook page, send me messages, email services@justinececile.com, or hire me to coach you through it.  Just know that it's is possible to feel better and be a more confident, functional you.  And you don't have to do it alone.

Share your success stories in the comments below and inspire others to reach their goals.

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