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Justine Cécile

Justine Cécile is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and WildFit Coach with a background in food psychology, neuroscience-based coaching methods, neuro-linguistic programming, and lab interpretation.

She has been blessed with the gift of guiding women who have lived a life putting themselves last while being a rock star at work, a wonder woman at home.  Women who want to get out and discover the world, but find their health is getting in the way.  She mentors them to learn to slow down and tune-in and take responsibility for their health & happiness.

Using the right resources & strategies with a frame-work that ADDRESSes how they got out of sync with themselves, they feel great and are free to explore new experiences without bending to conventional norms of aging.

Her mission is to help women ditch dieting, learn to influence their environments and finally reach their health and happiness goals.  She does this by working with clients individually and in small group programs.  Justine Cécile believes your body can heal itself if your environments are in order.