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Feeling Worn Down?

You want to stop feeling like a zombie every morning and an emotional wreck through out the day.

Sweating during the night and unable to quiet your monkey-brain keep you from getting a good night's sleep and stumbling through the day.

It's making you feel like you're losing ground and living your life on Mr. toad's Wild Ride.  You rarely feel at your best.

I want to make your goals become a reality by helping you get in touch with yourself and how you relate to food; intellectually, emotionally and physically using solid nutritional methodologies.

How would your life be different?

If You Woke Up Feeling Full Of Energy And Had Steady Emotional Fortitude To Tackle Your Day

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed & full of energy, before the alarm goes off.  Getting out of bed is no longer a chore, you look forward to getting your day started.

Your no longer feeling trapped by emotions controlled my wildly fluctuating hormones.

While others are running late due to long lines at Starbucks, you have extra time to mentally prepare for the day.

AND while others are feeling bloated, uncomfortable, sluggish and grumpy when the clock strikes 3:00, you're getting your second wind – feeling proud of your accomplishments.

All of this!

Because you've discovered how to appreciate yourself and the food you eat, how to make choices that support healthy balanced hormones, don't weigh you down, expand your belly and serve your energy needs, so you can feel emotionally stable, mentally sharp, physically strong and have energy to spare at the end of the day.

You have the freedom to choose foods that don't cause your hormones to rage, your tummy to ache, make you blow up like a balloon or sap your energy.

You know that eating a healthier diet and avoiding meals heavy with processed foods, sugars, and refined carbohydrates will help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

But knowing is not the same as doing.

You've Tried To Eat Healthier So You Can Be Less Emotional or Irritable, At Your Healthy Weight, And Have More Energy! But Haven't Been Able To Stick With It

You have physical and emotional needs that are being met by your current eating habits and making lifestyle changes – even if they are good for you, is never easy.

You are up early, racing to work, pulling long hours, putting out fires and when it's time to go home, you still have groceries, dinner, and a few To-Dos you want to accomplish.

With a schedule like yours, who would have time to take care of themselves and push themselves to make changes – no matter how organized they are?

To stop killing yourself with caffeine and sugar, you need something simple.   You need something that is step-by-step, that has built in methodologies to help you curb your cravings for foods that are contributing to your current hormone imbalance and energy drain.

AND you need psychological support too to get you through your emotional ups & downs that are triggered by hormones and have always shown up around food.




is a 13-week group program based on WildFit, a powerful, effective and new health and fitness methodology that draws its inspiration from evolutionary and functional medicine and nutritional anthropology..

Your health is determined by several factors and diet is one you have control of.  (Or at least you will.)

Today people are more stressed and tired than ever before.  To compound the issue, they are overfed, under nourished and are suffering with chronic illness in numbers like never before.

And since you're here, you're probably one of them.

If you're seeking help with hormone balance, nutritional deficencies is one of the praimary causes of hormone imbalance – even when you think you're eating well.

WildFit90 addresses the physical and emotional reasons why you have yet to make the lasting changes you want to enjoy balanced hormones, natural energy, release weight and perform at your best.


Does All Of This Without You Ever Feeling Hungry, Needing To Count Calories, Or Being Confined By A Strict Menu Plan

Everything You Need

To Solve Your Struggle With Food & Raging Hormones

Here's what you get inside…



A proven system for making life-changing energy shifts through nutrition leveraging how your body naturally responds to food.


32 LIVE Coaching Calls to support and providing you with timely responses to your questions and helping you tweak your experience when needed.


Extra support with Daily Weekday Coaching for the first 2 weeks, so you never feel confused and unsupported as your journey begins.


Recordings of All Live Video Coaching so you always have the answers you want at your finger-tips and you don't miss a thing.


Video Coaching Sessions With Eric Edmeades, get the scoop from the man who created this remarkable system and discover the basis and inspiration behind living WildFit.


Access to the WildFit Video Program, a step-by-step guide that reduces overwhelm and addresses the most common questions.


Private Facebook Group for gathering like-minded individuals who enthusiastically support each other.


Living WildFit eBook so you can continue your health journey well beyond WildFit90 with confidence.


Daily Check-In Forms for accountability and supporting your efforts every step of the way.


Access to the WildFit Membership Site for up to date support, resources and more.

And lots of bonuses – FREE!

  • One 30-minute Personal 1:1 Getting Started Coaching Session with Justine Cécile, Certified WildFit Coach & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, to tailor your experience help you overcome your unique challenges ($75.00 Value)
  • A 60-minute Personal 1:1 Supplement Strategy Session to save you money and ensure you are taking only what you need.
  • One 60-minute Personal 1:1 Follow Up Session to answer any questions you have about continuing your journey and living WildFit. ($200.00 Value)
  • And, receive 5% off all Results and Recommendations Sessions when you order any Á  la carte lab testing through me.  And 5% off private coaching when enrolled within 90-days of completing WildFit90.

Want a Leg Up?

I've Put Together A VIP Program That Includes Everything I Listed Above AND –

VIP Bonus #1: 7 In-depth Clinical Assessments

These assessments help to pinpoint your biggest health challenges and where you can focus to improve energy production right away. ($299.00 Value)

VIP Bonus #2: 170 Food Sensitivity Test

One simple blood test that provides clear direction as to what foods you are currently sensitive to, so you can eliminate them from your diet and start healing your belly; supporting healthy hormones, reducing bloat, gas & pain – immediately. ($695.00 Value)

VIP Bonus #3: One 90-Minute Results & Recommendations Review Session

Together, we review the results of your clinical assessment and correlate them with your symptoms.  And based on these findings, you will be provided a recommend supplement protocol for fast relief, and immediately start addressing correcting the dysfunction.  And if you need recommendations for food substitutions based on your food sensitivity results, I'm here to support you with this as well. ($450.00 Value)

VIP Bonus #4: One 90-Minute Reassessment & Review Session

45 days after you've completed WildFit90, you will complete the clinical assessments again and together we'll review your progress and address any symptoms you may still have. ($300.00 Value)

VIP Bonus #5: VIP Discounts

Get 30% off all Results and Recommendations Sessions when you order any Á  la carte lab testing through me.  And 10% off private coaching when enrolled within 90-days of completing WildFit90.

A $1,694 Value!

But It's For VIPs Only

Get a proven system for clearing up diet related digestive distress, increasing energy, improving physical and mental vitality, with a body that settles in at its ideal weight and optimal composition – and make sure it sticks.

How Does It Work?

Phase 1

Setting Up Your Physical & Psychological Success

This program is about creating lasting change using a proven system that's been thoroughly tested. Thousands have gone through this program with amazing results using techniques that help you implement the changes you want, quickly and easily.

During this phase you will have daily videos pre-recorded by Eric Edmeades and daily group coaching calls (during the workweek) with me.   This is the time when we establish your foundation, set you up for success and you discover what your body truly needs.

Phase 2

Transition For Results

Honestly, this isn't always going to be a smooth ride. This phase is about recognizing challenges for what they are and learning what it feels like as you shift. Learn how to be more aware and in-tune with how foods affect you.

Up until now, the effects brought on by food were hidden to you or took so long to appear you don't associate them with the food you eat.   That changes during WildFit90, so you know how the foods you eat affects you & you now have the freedom to make choices that work for you.

During this phase, you will experience a surge in natural energy, release unwanted fat, sleep better and much more.

Phase 3

Living WildFit

The last phase is about learning how to live WildFit, effortlessly. We'll tune in to how your body naturally cycles through the seasons & use that to guide what foods and nutrients you need to maintain natural energy.

You'll really notice how you don't want to eat like you used to & you now desire healthier options. You'll enjoy your food more & never be hungry. The changes are both physical & psychological.

What Clients Are Saying About WildFit90

Mary S.“I have just completed the Wildfit 90 day challenge!

I want to start by saying, I could probably be named a professional dieter! I have been on every diet from Atkins to Weight Watchers and everything in between over the last 45 years. Sadly, I dieted when I didn't need to and now when I actually needed to, I didn't want to and couldn't find the strength to stick to or finish any diet to goal.

So, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, sickly and a complete failure, I found WildFit.

Determined to get healthier and lose some weight, I committed myself to the Challenge and to trust the process to the end.

This program was amazing!

It taught me how to have control over food instead of the other way around. The psychology of this challenge was the key to success. The information we received just made complete sense. How the program was revealed to us weekly was perfect and with Eric's videos and our follow up group meetings gave me the knowledge and support I needed to succeed.

I truly had to trust the process and believe that it would work even on me. I want to thank my coach Justine for being so available and knowledgeable not only with the program, but with other health issues. She was a fountain of knowledge. The small intimate group we had made it easy to share our difficulties and concerns.

I would recommend this challenge to anyone that is willing to do the work and trust the process.”

Mary S., Seal Rock, OR

Jodee R.“I have been over weight all of my life, well at least since I was 10 years old.

I have been signed up for private consulting with Justine Cecile. Justine had been losing weight, so I was asking her how she was doing it. The answer was WildFit.

When I realized that Justine was becoming a WildFit instructor, I became very interested to know more about WildFit. After hearing more, I decided that I want to live WildFit too. There are so many things that drew me to WildFit. No counting calories, no keeping track of what foods I eat, to name just a few.

I was anxious to see how this would work. The first meeting I met two other women, and of course, Justine. We got to know one another and have had a strong support system.

Justine has so much helpful information that she willingly shares in an interesting way. We have a Facebook site where we can discuss questions in between our on-line meetings. Personally, my weight has not come off as fast as I would like, but I have lost 20 pounds so far.

The most important thing is that I feel so much healthier. My clothes aren't as tight. I am living WildFit. Be kind to yourself – join WildFit!”

Jodee R., Mapleton, PA

Joan B.“I love Wildfit!

I knew how to eat healthy, but I hadn't been doing it and needed the encouragement and support of a group to get back on track. And I learned new information too! So this was a perfect fit.

Wildfit teaches you to think about what you are eating, from before you make diet changes and continuing through the program. You learn to think about how and why you make decisions and how it makes you feel. It teaches you healthy choices and how to keep on track without using just willpower.

I like how it follows with the natural progression of the seasons.

The program worked well for those who wanted to loose weight. For me, my need was to improve my overall health and it has benefited me. I also learned for the first time that I don't react well to dairy products!

There are daily or weekly videos with teaching and support by the founder Eric Edmeades and our group facilitator Justine Cecile, so it was perfect to keep on track.

And afterwards, I still pay attention to my food and thoughts and how I feel. There is then the option of joining a larger support group too. I am glad I participated in the Wildfit Challenge.

Joan B., WY

This Is NOT Just Another “Diet Program”

Why WildFit Is Different

WildFit was founded by Eric Edmeades, a serial entrepreneur, international business speaker, author, husband and father who believes; that much of the change needed on our planet today – social, political, environmental – will be stimulated and brought about by entrepreneurs and business owners rather than politicians or the general public.

WildFit was brought to life by his own health challenges and his search for answers.  It's a new health and fitness methodology that draws heavily from human history and Eric's personal observations of modern-day hunter-gatherer behaviors and practices.

WildFit introduces you to the Six Human Hungers.  Understanding what the Six Human Hungers are provides you with the basis to recognize what your body needs and why, so you can make informed decisions about your food and meal choices.  You can experience true freedom.

And when you can feed the Six Human Hungers, you know longer suffer with deprivation like you do with “diet programs,” low blood sugar swings, energy crashes, and out of control cravings.

WildFit provides you with solid usable nutrition which creates an energy balance that supports all your exercise requirements and can support faster, quicker recoveries with less stiffness, aches & pains.

WildFit90 is structured to leverage human behavior to reduce your need for willpower, supports lasting change as it introduces you to the WildFit health & fitness methodology.  You'll not only achieve your short-term goals, you will meet your long-term health goals.

People are very surprised at how easy making changes can be.   When they start the program they often make statements like; “I will do that for now, but I can't see myself doing it forever,” “there's no way I can make that change,” “I can't live without ___,” and “I love ___, and I can't give it up!”

But in just a few weeks, attitudes and perceptions change – not because they are forced to, but because they want to.

I'm confident that you'll experience the same kind of effortless transition, even if it seems unbelievable right now.

And all groups are kept small, no more than 12 participants, to maximize your results. I understand that people work well in teams, but can get lost in large groups.  To fully support every individual, groups are organized similar to small mastermind teams that work together to complete the program and support each other both during the program and after it is done.

WildFit90's structure is purposely designed to help you make the changes you want, quickly and easily.

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Prepare to lose weight and still eat all your holiday favorites!

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What will this do for your…

Raging Hormones, Belly Issues, Persistent Fatigue, Health & Lifestyle?

  1. Get a health and lifestyle methodology that will carry you through your life (because you'll recognize what foods work for you, you'll be aware of what foods do for you – the good & the bad, and you will truly nourish yourself with food principles your body is accustomed to.

2.  Save yourself from food shame and guilt (because you don't have to rely on willpower to eat foods that your body can use to function properly.)

3. Get your body composition at its optimal best (because you no longer consume foods that pack on the pounds unnecessarily, without intense exercise.)

4. Finally have the ability to really enjoy meals and the food you eat without causing your hormones to fluctuate,  and your belly to bloat, expand from gas and other embarrassing & inconvenient symptoms (because your taste buds come alive & you desire foods that are good for you)

5. Get natural energy that burns longer (because your body can effortlessly switch between fat burning or sugar burning for fuel – no more blood sugar drops and food triggered energy drains.)

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Next class starts December 16th! 

Prepare to lose weight and still get to eat all your holiday favorites!  

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Who is WildFit For?

WildFit Is Perfect For You If…

You are the perfect example of a chronic yo-yo dieter.

You are experiencing hormone imbalance, even if you're on hormone therapy.

You suspect your hormone issues, tummy aches, bloating, gas and other unfortunate symptoms are diet related.

You constantly struggle to get through the work day due to lack of energy.

You're done with the 3 o'clock energy crash.

You want more energy and patience for hanging out with your loved ones at the end of the day.

You want to sleep better and wake up rejuvenated.

You want to lose and keep off unwanted weight.

You want to live a life free of food cravings and actually enjoy food.

You want to improve your physical performance for work, sports, adventure and play.

You want to improve your mental clarity.

You wish to improve your health in all areas…

This program is for anyone who wants to finally change their relationship with food, balance your hormones, lose weight, and not have to struggle with it.

But it's probably

NOT For You If…

You can't make yourself a priority during this program and make time to participate.

(You have to play full out and explain to your family that commitment to participate is temporary and that you're working to improve your health, so you can be there for them.)

You expect instant, overnight results.

(Even though positive results can come quickly, true healing can be a bumpy ride and takes time to do it right.)

You are unwilling to be open to new ways of thinking about the food you love and eat, maybe on a daily basis.

(Many of the beliefs we have about foods are driven by marketing or generations of misinformation.)

You are determined not to join the discussion and be part of the team.

(This is a group effort and your success will come easier if you collaborate.)

Intrigued?  Need more information?

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Next class starts December 16th!

Prepare to lose weight and still get to eat all your holiday favorites!

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It's time to stop eating food that makes you…

Blow Up, Beat Yourself Up, And Drains Your Energy

I know it can seem insane to invest in another diet program that you are unsure will work.  And all you have to do it get on Google or Facebook and find a millions diet recommendations for free.

So why buy into this one?

And you might be thinking; “I don't know if I can do this for three months, I have events, travel and celebration plans coming up and dieting will make it awkward.”

“I'm not sure I can spend the money anyway.  Maybe, I'll wait until I saved up, and start then.”

Or maybe you're thinking; “I'll just start eating healthier on my own and see how that goes.   I didn't stick with it long enough last time, but I can now.”

But it's these thoughts that are keeping you stuck and not reaching your goals.  Here's why…

These options all require willpower, and willpower requires lots of energy – energy you don't have.

Are you willing to stay on the same path you're on now?

Will that get you where you want to go?   Will you one day wake up with the willpower you need to block sugar cravings, energy crashes, lost patience and finally feel motivated to accomplish your goals?

AND are you being honest with yourself?

Are you haunted by past failures when it comes to re-inventing your dietary lifestyle?

That's a BIG one, and one I know first-hand.  Those past failures can make you want to avoid any further pain.  If you don't try, you can't fail!

But don't you want to take a new path?   One that has a track record of energizing people from all over the world, different circumstances, ages, and health issues.

Don't miss out on more of your life.   Get this monkey off you back once and for all and get on with your life.

WildfFit90 is structured to support you through your challenges, even if you don't know what they are.

These 90 days will change your life for the better and will save you time, money and the physical and emotional stress you carry with you every day you don't get your diet on track.


The ball is in your court. You get to decide for yourself.

Your 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that this will work for you that I'll guarantee it. If you decide this program didn't work for you after you have completed the 13 weeks (90 days) AND you have participated in at least 80% (28) of the group coaching calls – contact me. I will issue you a FULL refund.

This means that you get to go through 100% of the program, risk-free. I want this to work for you, and so do you.  This is how I support your accountability and get you the results you want.

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Next class starts December 16th! 

Prepare to lose weight and still get to eat all your holiday favorites!

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Do I get any one-on-one time with you?

As a bonus I'm including 1:1 time with me.   For all participants, I'm including a 30-minute Getting Started Coaching session, a 60-minute Follow Up coaching session, and monthly group calls for Alumni to support your needs.

As a VIP, you receive additional 1:1 time to go over your clinical assessment review, MRT (food sensitivity) test results, review food substitutions and any other concerns of yours. AND a 90-minute Follow Up Review to ensure you made the progress you wanted.

How exactly will I be getting the materials?

You will have access to the WildFit90 Membership site where all videos and resources are posted.  They will become available as you move through the program.   In addition, I will post resources such as recipes, educational materials and more inside the Facebook group page.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the homework?

The first two weeks and the last week, you will have a daily video of pre-recorded material by Eric Edmeades, the creator of WildFit and a daily group coaching call Monday through Friday.

For the 10 weeks in-between, you will have a video and a group coaching call on Mondays and Fridays.  This is because we introduce enhancements on Fridays and you have the weekend to decide when to implement them.

On Mondays, we go over how you did, any questions or concerns you have and of course celebrate successes.

What if I miss a call?

All group coaching calls are recorded, but it's highly recommended that you participate in the calls.  This is a very interactive community and to best support your efforts, you want to participate and play full out.

Will WildFit90 work for me?

Participants range from people with severe health issues to high-performance athletes.

Participants come to us with a variety of goals including: weight loss, weight gain, more energy, symptom reduction, better sleep, improved levels of intimacy and fertility and, simply a desire to feel better and have more energy.

WildFit90 is highly effective; it bridges the gap between knowing what you should do and doing it. Yes, it will work for you.

It also has a 96% program completion rate. Have you ever heard of any other program with a record like that?

Why would I pay for WildFit, instead of reading a book on the Paleo diet?

You can go read a book, for any diet plan, and do well.  However, if you are reading this, you likely are exhausted and have been suffering with long-term fatigue for a while now.  Making healthy habit changes takes energy if you're relying on willpower.  WildFit90 takes that burden from you.

It's step-by-step and is structured to leverage human behavior to help you make the shifts you want.

What's the difference between WildFit and the Keto diet?

You may have an idea that WildFit will switch you from sugar burning to fat burning, similar to the Keto diet.   However, unlike the Keto diet, WildFit is centered around seasonal eating, as nature intended, which has you cycling between fat burning and sugar burning.   Your body is designed to burn both, not one or the other.

And by doing so, you re-educate your body to be able to switch more easily between the two allowing you to perform at your best regardless of your activity energy requirements.

The Keto diet can be complicated as well, because it has you counting carbs instead of calories, which isn't always easy to maintain.

How will I be able to complete WildFit90 when there are parties, celebrations and holidays going on?

One of the reasons why “diets” fail is that they ignore the energy component and don't understand human behavior, this leaves you relying on willpower to follow through.

WildFit90 addresses both, natural energy and human behavior.   And WildFit90 is not a 13-week diet – then you're done program.  You are learning how to LIVE WildFit, and you will always have holidays, celebrations, days you need or want to treat yourself.  Participation in  WildFit90 during holiday seasons will provide you an opportunity to have immediate support as you develop and grow, so when you have completed the challenge, you will have no doubt or fear about truly caring for yourself by living with a diet that fuel and nourish you. 

And you'll have the added bonus of not gaining weight during these times, feeling even more exhausted once the celebrating is over, and you don't have to make & fail at the same old resolution to “Never Do That Again.”

Will WildFit cure me of a disease?

WildFit is not a medical program and should not be taken as medical advice.

While participants have reported normalized blood sugar, eliminated allergies, healthy weight loss and a dramatic reduction of various symptoms, these are simply side effects of living a better lifestyle.

While many participants have eliminated various symptoms and ailments – and reduced their dependency on medication – I suggest that before making any major changes to your health-care plans (including medication dosage) you should consult your medical practitioner.

How quickly will I see results?

There have been clients who see dramatic results and weight loss in the first two weeks, though it's not until a few weeks in do we expect to see weight loss.   Especially, week 6 and on.

Not everyone will experience will be the same, and it may take some time to re-educate your body.  But it's highly-likely you will see positive shifts throughout the program.

It does depend somewhat on how willing you are in terms of allowing that change to happen.

But overall, I'm confident to say that in as little as 30 days, you will experience radical shifts in your weight, energy, libido, sleeping patterns and overall happiness levels.

If you're skeptical, try this program anyway.   You have 30 days to prove your skeptic mind wrong. Eric Edmeades so far has not have a case where his clients have asked for a refund. The program's stick rate is over 90% making me believe that it's almost impossible to not see any results with WildFit90.

What do I need to have ready before we start?

Nothing. Don't change a thing until the program begins. You may be tempted to start making changes or improving your habits, but WildFit90 works best when you simply arrive as you are; not on best behavior.

For now, keep eat normally and don't change a thing.

WildFit90 is really well structured and will take you through a carefully designed system for improving your habits and your mindset.

Programs that simply ask you to give up things you still want are doomed to failure; WildFit90 will help you permanently change the way you view your diet and the decisions you make in the future.

WildFit simply works.

Is there a guarantee?

It's no accident that the WildFit client stick rate is over 90%. This program has been meticulously created and updated over several years of working with thousands of clients.

I firmly believe that WildFit90 will help you meet (and exceed!) your health goals. However, if you decide this program didn't work for you after your 13 weeks (90 days) AND you have participated in at least 28 group coaching calls – contact me. I will issue you a FULL refund.

Are You Ready for The WildFit Challenge?

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Next class starts December 16th! 

Prepare to lose weight and still eat all your holidy favorites!

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